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army ?

My 4yr old recently told me that when he gets older he is gonna go to work and kill everybody. at first i was seriously shocked and concerned. my mom then talked to him about it and decided he was talking about army men and what he sees them doing. does this make since to anyone. should i be concerned ?
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I wouldn't be concerned, he is seeing things on the news and reacting to that. Boys are all about adventure, and with all the toys available  that "shoot" something for whatever reason, he just sees it as play.  He cannot grasp the concept of death as anymore than someone falling on the ground.  Don't make a big deal of it, he will change what he wants to be when he grows up more times than you can count.  If he were to continue to talk about killing people, then it would be of concern, but I don't think there's a problem.
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i sure hope so lol.
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