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My childs teacher asked me if I notice that my daughter has a hard time following instructions.  She has noticed that she will tell the children what to do, and my daughter will start doing it wrong or not be able to answer the question. I am not sure what I should do with this.  The teacher is going to watch it for about a week and then let me know.

This discussion is related to My 6 year old son has behavior problems in 1st Grade.
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DO YOU notice she has a hard time following directions?
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she does sometimes. we have had her tested for ADHD. The doctor says she has it, but then again its like they act like every child has it nowadays.
i dont know. i dont know what to do.
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something you must have told the teacher about then- are you medicating her ? for adhd? There is an herbal supplement I put my son on for awhile. Write me if you want to talk about it.
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Hi,  I'm guessing your child is young if this is the first time this has come up at school.  My son has another nervous system delay called sensory integration disorder.  He has had trouble following directions too.  Sensory has something to do with the messaging system of the brain being out of wack.  Some of the behaviors are similar to ADD/ADHD but it is treated completely different.  We've done occupational therapy and lots of stuff at home that have really helped my son.  No complaints from school.  Often ADD kids also have sensory issues too.  It is worth looking into as these two delays get confused for one another and  you want to address the right problem.  A piece of gum before school is very organizing to the brain as is some physical activity.  Ask her teacher to have her carry some books across the room or do some jumping jacks with another student right before an activity.  It may help her organize and follow through with the instructions.  

I do think teachers can be good sources of information as they compare your kid to the others in terms of development without bias (as we parents have.)  

And I would try the herbal supplements first before meds myself if it were my kid.  Just my opinion. Good luck
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no this is not at school. she is completely well behaved at school. this is only at home she acts this way.
she is not mediated at all. im not ready for it.
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I am confused.  I thought you said it was a teacher asking you this question.  
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I am even more confused.  I thought that we were responding to Butlers?
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