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behavioral problems

I am wondering if we should take our daughter to a behavioral specialist?  She is 2 years and 5 months old. She exhibits symptoms of OCD (she has tantrums if kitchen cabinet doors are left open or if the top is not closed on the ketchup bottle at the dinner table, etc). In addition, she has wicked temper tantrums in public- an example: we will be waiting for our food to arrive and when it does, she will attempt to throw her plate of food off of the table.  She also displays temper tantrums at home.  She has a difficult time sitting still and will not engage in any activity for more than a few seconds to a minute without losing interest.  At night in her crib, she will rock back and forth, sometimes many times a night for long periods of time.  She does not attend preschool and stays at home with mom.  Do these symptoms sound like OCD and/or ADHD?  Would a behavior specialist be able to help our situation?
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It would make sense to confer with the specialist to evaluate your behavior management interventions. Tantrums are common in young children, and as long as they are non-destructive in nature you are best off ignoring them. Also, try to cut your losses, so to speak. You have learned that taking her out to restaurants is a risky proposition - so, avoid it. To take her is to place her in situatioons she is not prepared to handle. Her activity level, like many young children, is high. Is it beyond the norm? Perhaps. But it really is too early to deternine if she displays a hyperactivity syndrome typical of ADHD. Even if she does, she's too young to treat with medication, so it really is a moot point.
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