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child behavior

hi to every body :), this is my first time here in MEDHELP community, my name is allan, im from manila philippines, i wanted to this community, for i know someone can help me about my child behavioral problems :(, hoping that i can find answers, here is my questions daddy/mommy out there who has a lot of experience than me in parenting, also to our medical healt experts, hi there!, i have 3 and a half year old daughter, i've noticed a month ago that she became so sensitive when someone talking or some kids are playing outside and yelling, when she heard them, she starts to yell really loud and put her finger on the hole of her ears both sides, i dont know what happen to her, even in public places like malls, parks, when she heard other kids playing she scream repeatedly, causing that we did not enjoy having fun together. she does'nt want to play with other kids, another problem is until now she does not talk fluently, only murmuring, but she likes singing, dancing and counting numbers, and when she wants something, she holds my hand and pull me to the place to get the thing she wanted. I hope some one can me and give answers regarding his matter, hoping that there is no abnormality to her growth development. thank you :) allan  
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Hi there!  No one on Medhelp can give you a diagnosis.  But it sounds like it's possible that your daughter might be on the autistic spectrum.  You will need to have a doctor check her out and tell him what you've noticed about her behavior.  Usually parents have a feeling that something is not right with their child.  I'm not saying that she has autism, but it is something to consider looking into.  There are many levels of autism - high functioning to low functioning.  Every child is a little bit different.  Does she make good eye contact when talking with you?  I hope this helps.  Having kids is hard work.
Early intervention if she is autistic apparently is very important.  
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HI, welcome to medhelp!!  Yes, I think you need to get her evaluated.  YOu could start by calling her doctor and asking for a referral to a place, a lot of cities have places that do those and they could help you get connected with the services you need. It soundsl ike she needs some speech therapy as well.  Get this taken care of now and things will be better in the long run.  IT sounds like it's tough for you.  Keep posting.
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