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child behaviore

my child is 12 tears old boy , he is intellegent intellectually but I think he has other behavioral issues that I really feel frustrated dealing with ,for example:
1-Difficulity in making friends or school mates as he prefers to be alone  if no one follows him.
2-Makes least effort to  interact with the teachers during classes.
3-physically very slow and clumpsy.
4-hates any sort of sports.
5-addicted to computer games though I limit him to an hour a day.
6-hates to involve in school  activities.
7-Wont express his feeling easily.
Although he has a pleasent character with a nice sense of humour.
I'm really worried about him ,please help me to know how to deal with him!!!
Thanks alot
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This invites an evalaution by an adolescent mental health professional and it would be prudent to arrange this. This is not a behavior management issue, but rather one of figuring out why it is that your son does not show the sort of social orientation that would be expected of his age. Now not all people are outgoing and gregarious; some are at the shy/reticent end of the spectrum. However, social isolation can occur and this is not healthy. There is nothing the matter with your son not preferring sports. There are plenty of other ways to satisfy the developmental task of engaging with peers.
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