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child talks about fighting zombies

In kindergarten, this little boy used to always talk about how he fights for the army,kills bad people, owns a number of weapons (which he can name extensively).He always played alone on the playground.He was and is always smiling.He does great academicly also.Now in 2d grade,he lives in "zombie " world.I spent a few hours in his company during a recent school field trip and all he would share and talk about is how he has been fighting zombies.He also showed me one of his old surgery scars,telling me it's from a bullet he got from the zombies.I do not know his mother other than running into her on rare occasions at school and i just cannot pinpoint what kind of behavior or mental deficit this child has.He also let my daughter know he likes her in a "physical" way.i have never ran into a child this strange and I work with children with autism myself...
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He's a kid.  It's a phase that will probably pass.  I wouldn't worry about it too much!
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   Yes, I agree with the above.  He's found his own little niche for now.  It certainly is not a mental deficit.  Your daughter must have something in common with him or he would not have expressed any interest what so ever in her.  Its bound to be something much more in the area of zombie killing then anything else.  Next time you see him, ask him what his favorite video game is and I think you will find out where all of the zombie fighting comes from.  The sad thing is that this is probably the main form of interaction he gets at home.
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