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child that falls under no one category

I have two children 5 1/2 years apart.  They have been raised the same way, by the same parent's, with no major changes in their lives.  That is where the similarities end.  They are completely and utterly different in every way possible.  I have never had any problems other than the "normal" trials of raising a child, with my first son (12 yrs).  My second son (6 yrs), however constantly gets in trouble at school.  He touches, hugs and even has licked other children.  We have told him about how important it is to keep his hands to himself and he promises to never do it again.  He always apologizes for the behavior, but cannot seem to stop.  He's seen a pyschologist and two counselor's, but nobody really knows what to do to help him.  His teacher's think it's a really bad problem.  His pediatrician believes that he's just all boy and he'll grow out of the immaturity. He is talked to about it all the time in counseling, but nothing seems to help.  He cannot control his impulses to always talk or make noises, his touching or ability to sit still.  He is intellectually right on target for his age, so that isn't a problem.  He also is very loving and non-agressive child.  He never hits or gets angry.  He's very good about verbalizing when he's upset about something, although he rarely gets upset about anything.  He NEVER has been invited over to any classmate's home for a playdate.  I am very concerned he will continue to have no friends and be isolated and shunned by people.  I don't know alot about medications for his problem's.  I read about some people hating the meds and other's loving the meds, which in turn leaves me confused about what I should do.  I also do not want to have a son that is lethargic due to medication.  Please try and shed some light on my situation.  This is so hard on our family.  
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My sense is that there has not been an accurate diagnosis of his condition. There is a reasonable prospect that he displays an impulsive type of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If so, the option of medication might indeed offer a valuable tool. Talk therapy for this type of problem, at his age, is generally quite ineffective. If the stakes (i.e., his success in school and in peer relations) were not so high, I would not encourage you to turn to the medication option at this point. But the stakes are high and you may well find a solution in pharmacological treatment.
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Thank you
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