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Have a four yr old daughter  who has had ongoing vaginal problems first  a discharge with wet pants of which found with tests found nothing bacterial, changed to a all natural soap for bathing did help. she has had 2 trips to hospital with some mysterious bacterial infection,made her very sick, high grade fevers 40 plus and vomiting needing a drip. Now we have frequent urinating late at night and in the early hrs, with wet pants. Blood sugar levels tested and are fine, urine tests not showing much a little worried about whats happening on the inside.
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Did the Doctors not tell you what they thought could be the cause of this ? Does she drink a lot in the evnings as sometimes children do wet through the night if they consume a lot of fluids in the evening time .It is possible she has had some virus ,does she eat okay , is she at school, any unusual behavior .?
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Where was the infection, was it vaginal?  I hope you can can get to the root of this problem.
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