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i went into a house today to visit a friend,now i know her partner smokes greens,pot whatever they call it today,anyway my point is they have a child same age as mine 18 months old always around the stuff,it stank when i went in there,her baby only just went to bed,she dont walk sge sleeps alot and dont say anything except dadad,i think she needs tests,so my question is do this go into their blood stream and how bad can it affect them,i refuse totake my kids in there and i have told her this,she hates her partner asked himtoleave but he wont as she is due to have his second baby in 2 weeks
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Make an anonymous call to child protective services. Whether the marijuana affects the child or not it's still illegal and does slow down the cognition of grown adults so only god knows how it reacts in an infant.
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This should be turned into Child Protective Services (Social Services). The THC in marijuana can cause brain tumors, cancer, and can cause a mental retardation in children that are exposed for long periods of time. This is NOT okay what so ever. You can call them and tell them the situation. It can be completely anonymous.
This can also cause birth defects is she is currently pregnant and smoking marijuana. This has got to stop. It is a harmful illegal drug.
Please do what's right for the child.
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Some children do not speak until they are three, although most make attempts at about 12 months. So late talking is not a symptom.
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yes she is pregnant she dont smoke it herself her selfisn boyfriend does,i hate him with a vengence,so does she mind he just dont listen when she tells him,as for the child protection,i dont understand how any of them dont notice it she has midwifes and that in her house alot due to her being pregnant,i also did inform our health visitor.
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Well, sometimes it can go unnoticed regardless of how obvious it may be. I am not sure where you or her are located, but where I live in North Carolina it is very illegal and you can lose your children for it.
Regardless rather she does it or not, she would have enough sense to leave with her children if the man is not understanding the consequences. She should have the best intentions for her children regardless.
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cheshchesh lives in England its on her profile, they are more tolerant about pot than here, if the child is not being cared for you can still call and report it to the authorities, they will send a social worker to check on the child ..
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thank you for your concerns,he has at last left so the house is now drug free,she just went nuts on himm last night,maybe hormones drove her to it but who cares he has gone,i am now her birthing partner.thanks again all
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