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my 4 year old granddaughter is due to go to school in august,however there is concerns re; her ?confidnce from the nursery. she is happy one minute and the slightest thing can upset her, when asked to complete a task such as put her rubbish in the bin, get drawing paper she sits with her head down and wont look at you or talk. she cries a lot and when in a good mood she is an angel very loving and very happy to comply with requests. she had very poor eye sight which is now improving and she is waiting to go and have her squint corrected. she cries when her mum tries to talk to her about staying at nursery as she says she wants to go to school with her friends. it has taken her a while to make these friends, as before she would not talk or play with other kids. her mum does not know what to do for the best.
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Perhaps it would be a good idea to let her have some time to complete a task and put 'rubbish in the bin when she is ready to unless you are on a time frame . Do you mean she has to go onto nursary after school? I must say I can understand her being upset if she wants to be with friends maybe her Mom has to consider her daughters feelings a little more ....But it sounds like you are a good caring Granma   good luck
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