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could my son have ADHD

my son was diagnosed with severe OCD 1.5 yrs ago, however he also suffers with significant overall learning delay, my son is now 13 yrs old but since the age of approx. 7 yrs old he has always been extremely hyperactive, touching things all the time, interrupting when I am on the phone or talking to someone and will not stop until I answer him, always jumping about and jumping over his brothers and wanting to play fight all the time, non stop talking, get very irritable or little things, it goes on, unfortunately the schools my son has gone to has always said he is very good in school apart from interrupting all the time, and lack of concentration. Could my son therefore also be suffering with ADHD.  When my son was diagnosed with severe OCD at 11 yrs, the Psychiatrist said they were not ruling out ADHD but needed to get his OCD under control before they could look further into ADHD, unfortunately my son has not improved with his OCD and therefore no tests has been done as to whether he has ADHD.

This discussion is related to ADHD diagnosis but lacking some symptons.
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I am sorry that your son is still suffering.I certainly hope that you and the drs are able to find a good treatment for his OCD so that he can start feeling better.

The one thing that you write is that he started behaving in a hyperactive manner at the age of 7. One of the criteria for ADHD is that the behavior exists prior to age 7. If this just started when he turned 7, it is most likely not ADHD that is the cause. Since your son also has severa OCD, it is probably a manifestation of the anxiety disorder itself.

I hope that your son is able to find some relief soon.
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Just curious - what treatment is your son undertaking in order to get his OCD under control?  By the way, severe anxiety does look like ADHD; so it is possible that you are dealing with anxiety and not ADHD.  One caveat - the teen years are very difficult to treat re anxiety - for some reason young children and adults seems to "do better" with the current treatment options but that could be because researchers have not "found" the correct methods.  So, back to my question (if you do not mind sharing) - what is your son's current treatment - maybe we can help.
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answering your question, my son is currently receiving no treatment or support whatsoever with regards to his severe OCD and hasn't been since August 2007.
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thank you also for your comments on 2nd June
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