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crying child

Hi, My daughter is two years old and off late she started crying for everything like not wanting come back home once we go outside, or wants to see tv and a particualr rhyme, or anything that she likes , if we try oto tell her she wont listen to us and lies on the floor where ever she is and starts crying for about 30 to 45 min until we listen to her and give her what she wants, she wont listen or pay attention to anything we say at that time, its been a problem to take or out in parties or functions where she would suddenly ask for something and then starts crying.. My worry is that will it be a problem in school where she wont listen to anybody.
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Sounds like "the terrible twos" have arrived. It's a trying time for some kids and parents. Children that age are able to do and understand much more and have a good handle on walking and running. They don't have the capacity to understand cause and effect much yet. "No!" is often a frequent word for some. Bet there's a parent support forum for you on here.
Good luck.
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By giving her 'what she wants' you are enabling the behavior, best not to give way, she knows she will get what she wants by behaving like this . ignore the tantrums, walk away and let her wail. She will soon give up once she realises you are not rewarding bad behavior ..good Luck
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Thank you margypops for your feedback. I know its difficult to ignore her infront of an audience in public places, but that is soemthing we will have train ourselves to i guess.

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