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i was exposed to chicken pox before i was pregnant,never got it, when i was pregnant i broke out in a bad rash. my obgyn told me i had the virus that carried chicken pox....if i remember correctly he referred to it as cmv and warned me a some complications that can occur to the unborn fetus. my daughter too
had it birth, but they did repeated blood work and said it had "gone down". from birth she never slept, still does not well,
screamed uncontrollably, was very easily irritated and frustrated
as of the last 5 years she has been diognosed with adhd and odd.
can there be a connection to this virus?
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Dear Kim,

Yes, there can be a connection, but at this point the focus should be on treating her conditions. The treatment proceeds along the same routes whether the conditions were associated with CMV or not.
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