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disipline at school

I have an 8 years old child (boy) with disiplinary problem at school.He is in the second grade ,his problem started from the first grade .He is described by his teachers as intelligent but moody. When he is in a good mood he would be attentive to the teacher and would participate in the class,but when he isnot in the mood he would sit alone indulged in playing with his toys or even with his clothes which disturbs the class and annoys the teacher. He seems not to pay attention to the lessons but when the teacher asks him ,he knows the answers.Sometimes he refuses to answer the questions although he tells the teacher that he knows the answer,even he  refuses to sit for the exam.In first grade he sometimes left the class and wondered in schoolyard,and would return to the class by his own. He doesn't do that any more. He is interested in watching T.V. and video tapes .Regarding his social interaction and play, he tends to play alone or with his younger brother (4 years old)and has two friends at school who are also his cousins.He likes to play with imaginary characters that he cuts them out of paper. He is bullied by his classmates and even by his younger brother.He is never described as being aggressive .His language is somewhat delayed compared with boys of his age.He gets bouts of excitement  where he seems to be happy and talks alot,and recalls all minute details of past events.He is really interested in the human body ,and would sit and watch programmes on that and asks me detailed questions on body functins . He seems to me very intelligent but socially immature which will affect him in his future social life. Is he suffering from ADHD? what is the treatment ,medical stimulants or behavioral therapy? My husband and I don't prefer the medical treatment .Thanks.
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Dear Jumana,

Some of what your son is displaying is typical of children who display Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (primarily Inattentive Type). But some of his behavior is not really typical of ADHD, and may be indicative of some developmental immaturity, Developmental Disorder, Mood Disorder, etc.

The most helpful intervention would be to seek an evaluation by a mental health profesional. This person can help refine the diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. If ADHD is diagnosed, non pharmacological treatments can be implemented, both at home and in school. Take a look at William Barckley's Taking Charge of ADHD - it is a good resource for parents re: this condition.
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