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i am very depress these days as i have 7 years old son he is is my only son.
he is very very smart he mostly picks up this very quickly.
he has some issue his teacher is complaining every other day that he dose not listen to her, mostly dose not pay attention to things, he likes music but mostly he makes very weired music from his mouth in grade 1 if his teacher used to say dont make it he still used to do it, he has trouble in concentarting we have movie night evrey week he is so happy for movie but in the mid movie he start walking around start doing something else.
the most embarassing thing is when he dose stuff in school past week he went thrice to princple office for not listening to the teacher.
Can anyone tell are these the symptoms of ADHD ??
i dont know what to do if anyone know something plz share.
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he aslo has very lose temper.
sometime hit his elder slo
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Speak to the principal of the school and ask for a recommendation to a professional who can do an evaluation of your son.  The principal will know who to recommend, and this is a good time to get it identified.
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      Yes, those are symptoms of ADHD, and Annie is right.  Talk to either the principal or his teacher to start an evaluation of him.
      This is a link that will give you lots of info on ADHD.
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