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five year old adhd?

Could my five year old have adhd? He seems to angry alot, tends to be violent when he is sent to his room or told to clean up his toys or his room. He has to be told over and over again to his chores and then gets mad when he is reminded. We have tried time-out, being sent to his room, and yes a swat on his bottom. When he uses bad language I have tied hot sauce, soap. He just says "boy this is good". We have tried talking to him letting him know that it hurts our feelings when he acts out, but it doesn't seem to faze him. His father works full time plus some over-time, also works for a part time fire department. Our son goes to school half days. The teacher says he is doing well with his school work but has a problem staying seated and getting along with the other kids. I am a at home mom and see his behavior first hand, my husband doesn't seem to think he is any differnt from any other five year old boy, he is resistant to any medical intervention. I have taken him to the doctor and she would like to put him on ritalin. His older brother by eight years has had enough of the behavior also, he thinks the five year old gets special attention because of the way he behaves. Our house is in a upraor most of the time because of our problem. I would like some insight what to do.
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Your description does not indicate ADHD. The anger, defiance and oppositional behavior are not typical of children who have ADHD alone. Rather, the behaviors you describe could be a normal spectrum child behavior problem, or symptoms of Disruptive Behavior Disorder or even a Mood Disorder. What is required is a systematic behavior management approach. It would be wise to consult with a pediatric mental health clinician to assess the situation and advise you. It is possible that ADHD is a component of your son's condition, but that is certainly not all that is going on if it indeed is present. If your son does not display ADHD and is prescribed a stimulant medication, it will very likely exacerbate his tendency toward anger. So thorough and accurate diagnosis is the priority.
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Whenever a doctor is not positive of the problem, they want to put the child on drugs.  DON'T put your kid on Ridalin unless you want him to be a vegetable!  Where does your kid pick up such language at 5 years old anyway?  My niece has had similar problems (except the foul language) but it was due to a lack of attention and parental guidance.  My sister believes she is a great mother and is doing the best she can, but well, I have seen it all.  Step back and look at your kids surroundings.  (I am not saying you are bad parents)  How many kids do you have?  My niece has grown up being taught by the television.  Always alone and in front of the tv.  You CAN NOT learn how to be a normal, social child that way.  Look into other options before you even consider Ridalin or any other drug! PLEASE PLEASE  For your kid's sake!
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I am right there with you.  I have a 4 year old who has been the same way since 2 1/2.  First they said it was the terrible two's then they said he was very intellegent now he is seeing a behavior therapist who not only helps him to solve any issues but gives me new things to try to distract him from the immediate behavior if negative.  We are taking one day at a time.  Avoid the ritalin if at all possible.  We have also posted a rewards poster that he may choose from for good behavior.  He is still extremely difficult but these things allowed my other two children to deal with him and for me to regain my patience with them and a little more with him.
I wish you the best, you're not alone.
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