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hateful behavior

Our daughter is 10 years old.  She has ADHD and also been diagnosed with ODD.  She has been taking medication for ADHD since 1st grade and is now in 5th.  She has always been very strong willed and tends to not go with the flow, either with parents or friends. This year has been evolving to a place that is too much for the household to sustain.  

We have tried many different behavioral techniques to try to work through things but to no avail.  Her hatered for school, her family, her tennis lessons....etc is off the charts.  She says the most hurtful and mean things one human can say to another when she is being presented with something that she does not want to do.  We used to get mad back and fly off the handle and lately we have tried staying as calm as possible and give her choices that she can make....actually seems to be getting worse though.

It is breaking our hearts that our little girl has turned on us at 10 years old for no apparent reason.

I will add that when she is playing with her friends she is happy as can be.  She lives for that.  She will be all smiles and happy with all of us if she can have a friend with her.  Anything that cuts into that play time, she hates with a vengence.

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May I ask, What ADHD med she takes?  
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