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my daughter jointed the army and left her 2 yr old with me. the child care that she want i feel is depressing him. She is not with his dad and has a boy friend that want to spend time with him too. so here is what he goes through. monday/tuesday with his dad and everother weekend. Tuesday night with me and wed-friday he with me but goes with her boyfriend until bed time and on weekend he stays at the boyfriends house. He cries everytime he leave our house  even with his dad.  is this harming him what should I say or do, is this Traumatizing him
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How long has she been with this boyfriend? Why is he that interested in this little boy? Do you trust him? Even though she is not with Dad, what does he have to say about this situation? Do you think he is safe with his Dad? This must be hell on earth for this little boy. He probaly doesn't know whether he is coming or going. I would agree that it is traumatizing him. What other options do you have? Do you need him to be in child care? Do you have the choice of changing your daughters arangements? I feel so sorry for this little guy.
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She has been with her boyfriend for about a year now. He said that he loves kids and he wants to be a dad to him. Ya for the most part, I don't know this parents that well and that were he lives. The dad knows he spends time with him, hes in a new relationship too, His mom is great with him. Oh ya he is safe with his dad. I agree with  you that he probaly  doesn't know whether he is coming or going. No I don't need care. I have changed the arangement some and she is mad but oh well. I breaks my heart. But with the little change I made he is doing a little better. Thanks for your help and ear.
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