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help with adhd

can my son age 5 take concerta 32mg and fish oil and evening primrose and if so what mg of the fish oil and how many mg for the primrose can he take a day
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Even though most natural supplements, herbs, etc. are completely harmless, there is always the possibility of a negative interaction with another medication.  In my opinion, it is always best to consult your Dr.  Your pharmacist is also a great resource.  All the best to you!
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   Interesting, I can find no mention of a 32mg dose of concerta.  Is he on a 36 mg dose?  if he is, "The maximum dosage of Concerta should not be greater than 0.9 mg per pound of body weight."
   fish oil is certainly something worth trying.  There are ones out there developed specifically for kids (chewable, etc), and they will have the suggested dosage on the bottle.  
   I really can't see any reason that primrose (I assume the oil) would be worth your money.  If he is having sleeping problems, his doctor needs to be aware of this.
   by the way, there is a whole forum dedicated to ADHD found here - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175
    and I would be glad to answer any other questions you might have about ways to help your son.  Supplements are only one part of the way to help.  

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