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immature 7 year old

My son is 7 and has always been immature, has had problems concentrating and listening, he always seems to stand out for being silly and noisy.
He has never been diagnosed with anything, but the first 2 years at school were diificult, he was only allowed to attend mornings at school for the fisrt year, and we feel that did not help his development as he made no friends in his first year   and now he has difficulty socialy he has trouble making friends where he is silly.
Is there a way we can encourage maturity and to stop him being silly.
He has a comfort blanket and ***** his thumb, we normally let him have it at home and sometimes in the car, this I know we shouldnt do (which we will stop now) but should we take it away completely now, if he didnt have any issues I wouldnt worry but is it not helping his maturity, I appreciate any help
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The blanket is not something you have to worry about. It's OK if he has it at home or in the confines of the car. Just be sure to keep him in the mix socially so that he's around other kids in a recreational context. It wouldn't hurt to run him by a psychologist (either clinical or developmental) to gain an assessment of his developmental status.
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