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is it normal for a 7year old boy to start masterbating?

my girlfriend walk into the living room and caught my 7 year old masterbating is this normal he was in the room with his brothers and sisters and was just doing it. i pulled him aside and asked him why he was doing it he replied "it felt good." when should i tell him why
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My 3 1/2 year old loves playing with his wee wee.  Don't all boys?  We give him limits, and tell him he can only play with it "in private" - like, when no one else is home, or in bed.  He will ask me, "Can I play with my wee wee?"  I can't relate, being a mom.  My husband thinks it's great that he "found it".  Good luck.
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Its quite normal.  As the previous poster stated you need to place limits on where your son masterbates i.e. only in his room, in private.  Best wishes...
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yeah sure its normal. but i think sperm starts producing at age 13+ so...
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