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kindergarten behavior

My 5 year old son is in kindergarten.  He attended preschool/daycare for 3 years.  He is very bright however his teacher complains that he doesn't follow directions and sends him to the principal's office.  By the time he gets to the office he forgets why he was sent there.  What can I do?  I feel that the teacher should be more proactive and immediate in discipline in the class room. He tells me often that "Mrs. Blank was mad at me".  What/where if any can I find in the way of reseach that will help me figure a course of action.  I don't want to be 'one those parents' but the school year is just in its second week and already this is becoming an issue.  PLEASE HELP
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It does kind of sound like the teacher has a short fuse, but there might be reasons.  How many kids are in the classroom?  She might just be overwhelmed.  If new, this might all be too much for her, and if a veteran, she might be burnt out.  You're probably going to have to talk to the principal, to try to work out if it is your son, the teacher, or the combination of the two, that is causing the problem.
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Are you on the regular school schedule - in that he is BRAND NEW to her class?

If that's the case,  you need to have a discussion with the principal to move him to another classroom teacher.  

If he was fine in preschool and daycare and now all of a sudden his kinder teacher keeps sending him to the office,  it's a personality conflict.  

If all this is not true,  sorry for reading it wrong.  
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I also was wondering if a personality issue between the two of them was happening, but it seems odd that only 2 weeks would be enough time for the teacher to cop attitude about the kid.  Teachers are usually more professional than *that.*  That's why I wondered if the teacher was either really green or really burnt out.   But as RRose says, if there is a personality conflict (and it does happen, even between grown-ups and 5-year-olds), the thing to do is switch him to another classroom.
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Ummmm, how do I put this diplomatically.  
   Well, I am sure all elementary school principals do things differently, but if my kindergarten teacher was sending a child to me after only two weeks - I would be either quite upset with her or on the phone to the parent.  In my opinion, its not done. Furthermore, it simply is (as you have found out) ineffective.  And you are definitely correct in that her actions need to be more immediate and proactive - but as the other posters have mentioned, there could be other things going on.
  You need to have a meeting with her to find out what is going on.  You also need to realize that there is very little that you can do at home to help out.  Well, you can do all you can to model good behavior.  But any attempts at discipline for something that was done hours earlier would be even less effective than a trip to the principals office.
   So your first step is to talk with the teacher.  Maybe even try and observe the class.  Once you have done that and if things don't get better, than you might need to talk to the principal.
   My guess is that since he is very bright that he is trying to manipulate the teacher, and she isn't playing the game - but doesn't really know how to play the game.  
   Thus my final suggestion is to give this a couple of weeks to play out.  If he is bright (of course assuming that is what is going on), he will figure out what to do and change his actions.
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Thanks everyone!  i appreciate your input.  I have already thought of changing his teacher in the event that a meeting is nonproductive.  She is in fact only in her second year of teaching, however she is middleaged, doesn't 'have' to work but decided that she wanted to do something and here we are.  Interesting note: yesterday while waiting in the pick up line my husband happened to be stopped next to the principal ( a real stand up guy) he mentioned to my husband that our son had gone to his office that day and that he spoke firmly to him and then kind of chuckled.  My husband replied that he appreciated his time and that we were sorry that he had to see him in the office.  Principal stated  oh it's alright they all just need to get adjusted and readjusted.  THEN my son's teacher leaned into the car and very dramatically stated that "there's just has to be something done he just will not follow directions will you come in to talk about this". My husband was very irritated by her behavior.  if this is how she acts toward the parents how is she coming off to the kids? grrrrr
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add on:  the teacher was on the other end of the pick up line about 60 yards from where the principal was when he spoke to my husband.
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