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kindergarten behaviour

My son will be 6 in a couple of months and has been in kindergarten now for 8 weeks.
His teacher has said to me that he is very intelligent however he will not work independantly and will just scribble if he is left by himself.
He makes noises and gets quite excited when he sees the other children on the clasroom and will be quite silly.
The class is quite big there are 25 kids of which 18 are boys, He has made some friends boys and girls, some of them are quiet silly and get into mischief. I rarely ever get positive feeedback from her except to tell me if I asked her that he got some points for his house team and that he wasn't too bad today.
He did a test which asesses all of the language and mathematical skills and he scored at the top of the language component.
We have taken him to a psychologist who has recommmened that he is displaying this inattentivenesss and silly behaviour as a result of the large class that he is in, and that it could be that he is anxious as well. He does not have have ADHD because he does not display these behaviours at home.I do not want him to repeat as he is too bright. He reads quite well and has a fanatsic memory.
Any help please?
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Pollo,  your posts don't make any sense.  On March 4,  you state your son is now in first grade,  although he had some issues in kinder which were resolved.

What's going on?   This doesn't add up.  
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I'm sorry,  Pollo,  deepest regrets.  I read responses that were first grade parents.

Best wishes,  I think this will all work out.
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Um, perhaps he is bored?  I have known many children that "wondered off" easy from work when other things (kids, games, play etc) were going on because the work that was presented to them was not challenging enough.  You may want to just try a month in a gifted and talented program...worse case you bring him back down to his normal grade level with no harm done.  My father is above 146 IQ, and was a total bad boy all through school.  He cut class, was the class cut-up, never listened to what he was told when he was told to sit down.  Simply because he wasn't being challenged, what was put before him was a joke.  Once he got out of school, and became an adult, he went back to school to get a masters.  He is now an extremely focused person, but always has his nose in a book learning something.  
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