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lack of attention

my daughter is 10yrs old and is extremely forgetful!  To the point where it is affecting her schooling.  She does her homework I see her do it, I sign it but she never turns it in.  I'll ask her and so will the teacher and she swears she turned it in and will become very emotional and tell us that she does'nt remember what she did with it.  she will do the same thing at home.  I will tell her to put something away or to go get something and 2 minutes later she's doing something else and when I question her she'll say she forgot!  she's not a bad kid or disrespectful!  She will say I can remember things from long ago but when you tell her something now she will forget.  Normal kid things or perhaps a serious problem?   thank you
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Your daughter's problem is beyond what would be considered normal problems with attention, memory, etc. Her behavior, because it interferes with mastering challenges at home and at school, warrants evaluation. A couple of possibilities stand out: (a) Inattentive-type Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and/or (b) deficit in short-term or working memory. Sometimes it can be difficult to discern one from the other, but it would help your daughter if you sought evaluation. Neuropsychological testing can determine the presence of memory problems and can also help (but is not necessary) determine the presence of ADHD.
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