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lithium and bi-polar

Hi, I am hoping to find someone who has gone through what I am about to ask. My 7 year old grandson has been diagnosed as severely bi-polar with a conduct disorder. His body produces almost 0 lithium and has been placed on lithium therapy and another med. Can't remember what. His mother, [my daughter] and myself are also bi-polar. I also have PSTD and an anxiety disorder, so am wondering if the bi-polar is inherited. My son is also bi-polar and manic and was labled as adhd as has my grandson. Has anyone had a child put on lithium and were there any problems with it? Thanks for the help, Linda
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Dear Linda,

Yes, Bipolar Disorder is one of the emotional conditions for which there is a strong hereditary component. So, with the family history, it's not surprising he displays the condition.

Lithium is one of the mood stabilizing medications most frequently employed to treat Bipolar Disorder. Some others commonly used with children as an alternative to Lithium are Depakote and Tegretol.
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My husband is bipolar and took lithium for years but had to switch to depakote.  Be aware that both of these can cause organ damage and make sure your grandson's doctor does the necessary frequent blood tests to monitor this.  Lithium and depakote can work wonders but the side effects can be very damaging if they are not managed properly.
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My son was diagnosed with ADD the summer going into 3rd grade.  He was experiencing aggressive behavior with me (mother) and I knew it was't normal.  He was put on Adderall but I continued to see displayed aggressive behavior.  About 1 year later he was diagnosed with dysthymia, and axiety disorder.  He was put on Prozac and my husband and I noticed within the first week he was a different child.  He would come up and hug me again for no good reason.  I knew Prozac was the right medicine. Now however, he is beginning to begin the aggreesive behavior again.  It has been about 1 year a little over that he has been on Prozac. His doctor does't think he has been on Prozac long enough.  Could he have Bi-Polor disorder? His social skills a also very weak and I find myself having to stick up for him more and more these days.
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I have a question RE: inheriting bi-polar.  I was diagnosed recemtly.  It is in my family history.   Would it be possible to send me the facts about inheriting bi-polar?  It would be much help to me.  
Thank You.

Don Juan
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