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logic and the lack of it

i have a grandson who has many issues i think stem from his horriable birth his mom was in labor for 64 hrs before they decided to do a c section his head was in birth cannel fo a while he had infection in his head from this and so did the mom from poop from all the hands checking her and not being careful she was in a teaching hospital .He seemed to be very smart as a toddler polite he had poop issues for a short time but I think it was fron seperation from grampa and me he lived with us the first 3 years then moved in there new house never slept alone i watched him and still do 14 now so i am there care giver when mom is working after school he has problems with logic he is very friendly and polite to people and has a kind heart but is so stuborn i dont care what you say he will not do it till you treaten him with in an inch of his games then maybe he will do what you say but you can not reason with him he does not hear what you are saying only knows what he is saying if you tell him no and explain why he will sask youn the same question a hundred times not till you get so angry and yell at him does he do  what you say its like you cant be nice to him. any help here they say he has add but he does not disrupt any class or anyone he just want to do things his way and he can focus real well on his games so he can focus
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Hi there.  We also had a traumatic bith of my first child------  latent phase labor of three days until it was realized that something was wrong.  I was so sick by the time he was born that it is all a blur.  AND, my son has a developmental delay.  A developmental delay does not mean a child isn't smart of have a high/normal IQ.  My son is quite bright.  But his nervous system does not work properly at times.  His developmental delay is called sensory integration disorder.  I would suggest you google this.  Symptoms can be clear or vague depending on the severity of the delay.  Processing is what is involved (in fact it is also called sensory processing disorder) and that is the messaging that goes on between the brain, nervous system, and motor groups.  Motor planning is another area and that is organization in the brain.  You meniton speech--------  my son's speech was involved.  Motor planning is critical to the three areas of speech, receptive (making sense of something that is said to you), expressive (putting your thoughts into words, organizing it) and articulation (making the right sounds to say the words).  Motor planning can affect all or part of these three componants to speech.  Focus and ability to inhibit oneself can be involved.  Again, it has nothing to do with intelligence.  It is a processing issue.  

We see an occupational therapist for my son who is now 8 years old.  He's doing great and I can't tell you how much I recommend seeking help for issues even if they are minor.  

Google sensory processing disorder or sensory integration disorder and see what you think.  My son has some days where things on the symptom list are there but others that they are not.  That is normal for sensory kids as they often react to their environment and can be regulated or de regulated at different times.  

How does your grandson do at hand writing or fine motor skills?
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   Hi, I post over on the ADHD forum a lot and thus have acquired a bit of knowledge on the subject.  I really can't tell if your grandson has ADD from the information you have given.  
  What I can tell you is that even a child with ADHD can focus on something they like.  In fact, many times on something like a video game, they will hyper focus.   Also kids with ADD don't disrupt classes or run around.  Thats what kids with ADHD do.  
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   Opps, hit send by mistake.
And if he does have ADD, that would explain a lot of the actions that you are complaining about.  I think that it is really important for you to know more about ADD.  Because if he does have it - he is being punished for things that he does not yet control or know how to control.  Here is a link to a pretty good article on ADD.  I think it would be worth your time to read it.  And I can give you links to more information  if you want it.   The link is -      http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_signs_symptoms.htm
     By the way, some of the things that you are worried about are pretty typical 14 year old behavior.  Its how they have learned to manipulate adults.  Makes me wonder if his teachers also have the same problem with him not listening to directions in class?   Hope this helps!
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