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looking for a new sitter

I am in the search currently for a new sitter.  My son was throwing big fits over at the other one.  If I even talk to him about it, he cries about it.  I felt it was no longer a good match.  I'm not sure what was going on either.   I feel so bad about it.  He has sensory processing d/o was doing better, but lately things have been harder. He was in the hospital again on Tues. night for an asthma attack.  The asthma is a new diagnosis.  He was in ER in mid Feb. for asthma.  I just pray I will find a good sitter to help me out with my son.  I think this time I want to find someone who can come to my home, I think my son will feel better about it.

I know his being in the hospital has been hard on him and they gave him steroids and that was tough too and that makes personalities different, more moody.

Today is a better day for him.  
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I agree with you that someone coming to your home is best for a child as he is in his own environment, what age group have your sitters been in, maybe someone older may have some extra patience,even a young Gran type may be comforting for him .How long do you work is there any way you can cut that back till he is feeling better .It must have been hard on him being in Hospital so give him time , get him busy and involved , board games, drawing, distraction.Have Dad do some guy stuff with him .good luck
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I think it might be best if he doesn't have to deal with other people's kids and can be at his own home and not have to get up at the crack of dawn. I'm a single mom and his father is not doing well at the moment.  Of no help actually.  He has had a good day today, very pleasant.
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I talked to a lady today. I plan on talking to a couple more, but I definitely want a background check on everyone I talk to and I want them to do care at my house, I think it will be easier on him.  
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