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medicine and school

My son just turned 12 years old.  He was diagnosed with OCD at the age of 6.  I know anxiety is a major problem along with behavor concerns at school.  (Add/Adhd syptoms).  He has been taking effexor and is on 150 mg. now.  Also we have added Lexapro 10 mg.  He was taking concerta 36mg, then the teacher last year said she didn't see improvement in his behavior, so they doubled the concerta, which exelerated his anxiety.  That's when they added the Lexapro, and switched the concerta to strattera. (which did nothing) Now he's on no ADD medicine.  My child's doctor isn't very proactive with our situation.  I feel like things are getting worse.  He is practically having axiety attacks before school each day.  The axiety is too much, and his behavor at school is much worse, interupting all the time, arguing with the teachers, even the principal of the school, who teaches in the afternoon.  I talked to the principal last night on the phone and he said he corrects him probably 8 times in the afternoon, and he is a distraction to the other kids, and parents are complaining.  I am really feeling overwhelmed, like we're not on the right medications, and I wish someone could tell me what I should do, because I know my child is really suffering.  I have seen a behavoral specialist but didn't really get anywhere.  I could use some specific ideas for the teachers, classroom, me.  Is there a leading specialist in the united states for childhood axiety problems?  What medicine or medicine combo would be more suitable for these problems?  I've looked at different books, and sometimes I wonder exactly what does he actually have.  So many of these things have overlapping symptoms.  Aspberger's, Tourettes (he also have a motor tick)(where he stretches his bottom jaw out)He is also doing that more.  He argues all the time.  I have a copy of the DSM-IV and he meets the requirements for Oppositional Defiant Disorder too.  I also saw a math disorder in the book,  He doesn't get basic math skills that he should have for 5th grade.  He can't remember his muliplication facts.  I also wonder about a processing disorder.  ( can you see why I'm feeling overwhelmed?)  
My main questions are what medicines we should be on, or try;
and who would be the specialist in this area so we could get a grip on this?  We are willing to do whatever it would take to make things better for our child.  
Thank you very much.
Praying for insight.
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The primary need right now is to have an accurate diagnosis of your son's condition(s). The information you provided indicates that he likely does display biologically-driven conditions, such as anxiety disorder and ADHD. Both of these conditions generally respond well to a combination of medication and therapy (which can include parent guidance). If you are not confident in the treatment your son is receiving, seek a second opinion. There are choices in the tretament of both anxiety and ADHD. Any particular symptom can represent any number of disorders. Therefore, it is important not to focus too much on any single symptom as definitive evidence of a condition. There are pediatric mental health clinicians who can treat your son's condition(s). The situation you describe is not at all uncommon, so it is not as if you have to identify any one doctor who can help you. The challenge is to identify the options in your area. If you want to communicate to us where (generally) you live, perhaps we can guide you to an appropriate resource.
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What area do you live in the U.S.?  I could maybe reccomend someone in your area or somewhat close by.  As I think the doctor has suggested to someone on this forum before, a large children's hospital, particularly one that's big on research, should be able to point you in the right direction as far as finding a specialist goes.  I work as  clinical social worker, specifically working with children between the ages of 8 - 18.  I know how overwhelming issues like this can be for a parent, especially since you're correct in that the DSM-IV has many different disorders that overlap.  I currently am working with a client that seems to be in a similar situation to your son.  He takes the medication Luvox, 150mg HS (bedtime) and it seems to be working well for him.  does your son's school have a social worker / guidance counselor that could work closely with him on behavior management issues?  How does the teacher react when he is disruptive in class?  How is his behavior at home?  I hope you find some of this information helpful.  I'm sure the doctor that will post later can give you some helpful advice.  Good luck with everything.
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Without going to length, this all sounds too familiar.  I'd just like to add 2 things; 1.) my son is on Tenex (sp?)for anxiety.  This used to be used soley as a heart med but they have recently found that it has worked for many ADHD children with attention and concentration as well as anxiety. 2.) Not sure where you are located, we are fortunate to live in the Boston area ... my son has stuff going on with 2 major hospitals, 1 for PsychoPharm/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the other for Developmental/Neuropsych Testing.  We also go to another Developmental Testing Center affiliated with hospital 1 for tracking etc.  I also have involved in 2 volunatry studies at these hospitals and have gotten support there as well.  If you are close by I can send you the names and offer you tons of support/advice since I feel like I have been everywhere around here.  Email me personally at ***@**** and put Health Forum in subject so that I do not delete it.

Bottom line, stick with your gut.  If you know in your heart he is struggling, then he is.  If you feel they have missed things, then they have.  If your Pedi isn't helpful, start calling aorund on your own ... maybe ask school experts for advice on where to go or call you local hospital for a place to start.  It may take a few phonecalls but you'll get there.  I promise. Take Care.
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We live in Oklahoma.  We have the resources to go anywhere needed.  I guess, I would like to go to the best for diagnosis, and medine advice, then maybe find a someone for therapy close by.  I know medicine (the right medicine) could really help, it is also scary to think of all the meds out there and that it is basically a guessing game.  I don't want to overmed either.  I'm worried it will effect his eating and sleep.  It's hard.  I just know what we are on now is not working.
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I too think you should look for a mental health outpatient facility in your area that would hopefully properly diagnosis your son after thorough testing and assesments...having worked in the mental health feild i know how imprtant it is to not only have the correct meds, but also a program, typically called a behavior program, that would address your child's behaviors and you could rewrd them and consequence them as needed....behavior programs are not soley for the children who act out physically, they work well in trying to modify any unsatisfactory issue of concern....
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hi sounds similar to my son who the school removed because like your child the anxiety over school was too overwhelming.my little guy is 8 and has been on home tutoring for the past 3 months. same problem besides anxiety he demonstrates symptoms of many disorders and no one has actually pinpointed it yet, although the school regards him as an oppositional defiant child this only occurs in the school setting. for the anxiety he has been responding well to zoloft with miminmal side effects. seems to be working, he's now doing things he wouldn't ordinary do without anxiety. actually went to a sleep over at his cousins house and stayed usually around 11 i have to go get him and went to a birthday party today with no fear, usually a stressful event. now the big test comes monday trying to put him back in the school setting. so far zoloft was the answer for him hope this helps, a week after starting him on it no more crazy outbursts our house is back in order and we actually sleep at night again. good luck and god bless hope you find the right meds. your not alone , know what your going through.
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I guess I'm showing my age, but never when I was in school and growing up do I ever remember children who have behavorial/medical problems like they do now.  Kids never took medicine beyond an occasional aspirin or cough medicine and they were a lot more active than they are today.  To those who have had their children treated, have any of the doctors or psychiatrist, etc. say why all of a sudden the children are having these problems?  Is it the environment or what?  Even my own children who are now in their forties or the kids they were raised around never had any problems like those nowadays do.  I'm really concerned about the problems I see on these boards and I also hate to see/hear of these kids being medicated so much.  Elderly people like my mom take enough medicines and frankly I think she takes too much, but I'm not a doctor.  
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