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mother and daughter relationship

My daughter is 37 years old.  Married with one 3 year old and two step children.  They have lived with us for two years and the majority of the time she really treats me like she doesn't at all like me.  They finally have moved out now for two weeks.  She is really condescending to me.  I feel like I have to put up with a lot of it so she doesn't keep our grandsons away from us.  She really seems like she is mad at the world.  I just am at my wits end on what to do.  She feels like I am controlling.  There is really no basis for that because just giving an opinion that can be blown off she considers this controlling.  I have a good relationship with her husband and I now am asking him for advise.
Thank for any tips on how to relate to her.
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Can you give us a scenario of how you communicate , with each other, what is the reason you think she diesnt like you you are her Mom , moms and daughters often clash ,what is it she feels you are controling , you do have my sympathy as  know children get with held from grandparents , sometimes as a punishment for disagreements so you are walking as you say on eggshells. give us an idea of what it is she doesnt like.
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