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my 16 year old nephew is sending me sexual text messages....

I am concerned because my 16 year old nephew has been sending me sexual text messages about my feet.   i let my sister know right as it happened and she proceeded to tell me that she is not going to deal with it.  maybe it's normal for a 16 year old to have a foot fetish????   but what is concerning me is that he is texting ME.  my nephew has also been caught  masterbating with panty hose in my mom's closet as if he wants to be caught.  i would not consider all of this acting out "normal" behavior.

i strongly believe my nephew should see a psychologist.  i fear that maybe he has been molested and that is why he is acting out but my sister wants to just ignore the whole thing.

any advice anybody can give me regarding how to convince my sister to seek professional help would be greatly appreciated.
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Maybe you cant convince her you have told her hwta happened so let her deal withit, do not accept text messages form him ignore any overtures he makes , did your sister say why she wouldnt deal with it ? Is there a Dad around that can speak to him as thissmay be the way to go if he is pestering you, ask for family help first ...
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Ugh but why so like I mean ok but if you shush it why bring it in there it's like what
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yes, she said she directly that she did not want to deal with it.  last time this happened my parents actually talked to the dad and as a result the dad cut off all contact between my nephew and my parents.  there just seems to be something strange happenig under the roof of my nephew's house.  his sister, my niece, suffers from anxiety and is to the point where he is pulling her own hair out- literally.  
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do you know what he really wants? you should talk with your nephew about what he wishes. you should offer him a private talk to find out, ask him what he likes about feet and pantyhose.
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I would absolutely not do that. It's suggesting to him that the sexual contact with his AUNT is welcome! If anything, I'd be direct with him and next time it happens, ask him, "Why did you text me this?"
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