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my 2 year old son

I have a 2 year old son, who can be very happy and very sweet.  He has recently began to do the following things.
        never does anything we ask or tell him to do, he will just look at you and say no.
        pull hair, hit, and pinch others.
      gets so mad  that he would ball up his fist and tense up to where you can see the vains in his    neck.
      He doesn't want to eat alot, however he drinks alot of fluids.
     wakes up during the night screaming
      He is extremly hard to potty train
We don't know what to do. Is this a normal two year old?
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Sounds normal to me.  Maybe he isn't ready for potty training.  He hasn't learned how to express his hanger in words yet.  When he gets angry, ask him if he is angry--he will learn to associate the word with his feelings.

It just takes time.  Be consistent in discipline--and hang in there.  It gets better.
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The terrible twos...sounds pretty normal. But I have learned that you have to stop the bad behavior. A time out session may work when he gets angry and wants to hurt someone.. Its hard at first but you are really teaching him how to get along in the world. Good luck!
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