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my 3yr old is eating sand

i have a daughter that is almost 3, that eats sand and a lot of it. she mainly does it a day care and they are doing everything tey can to stop her from doing it and when she is at home she will eat dirt. it is driving me up the wall!!! her nappies are now just sand/mud. im just wondering 1. why she is doing this and 2. come there be an underlying medical condition she could have???
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Hi there.  Oh no.  This is concerning and upsetting to you, I am sure.  I would first start with your family doctor/pediatrician as Pica is a psychiatric disorder that some children suffer.  It involves eating things such as sand, dirt, and other things the rest of us are grossed out by.  Occasionally there is an iron deficiency involved as well.  But a child psychiatrist works with a child that has pica to help them.  I would do this and if your child begins to eat hair, this is the most dangerous as it can cause a blockage.  So, call your doctor soon.  good luck and take care
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I agree with specialmom about the PICA concern.  It may be that she likes the texture of sand and dirt.  One thing to try while you are seeking help is to see how/what she eats normally.  Is she a picky eater, does she tend to eat certain types of food.  I.E. only hard crunchy, only soft foods, does she prefer some textures over others.  That may help you see if is it a sensory concern as well.  Good luck.
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Maybe ask them to keep her away from the sand instead of letting her eat it, why .can they not remove her from that area ? It sounds like a boredom issue to me not a disorder.
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Typically kids that eat large amounts of an item such as sand will  move to another item such as dirt which she is doing at home.  Pica is a known condition and treatable.  Hope she gets some help.  good luck
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Hey they do take her out of the sand pit and destract her and tell her that it's not good to eat sand. She also eat/***** on her hair
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Thank you for your advice :) off to the docs Friday. She is also eating her hair well was untill the other day when I cut her hair so it was just too short to do so. Is pica an easy thing to correct/ over come?? I still don't full under stand it all. Hoping my doc will shed some light on it all :) thank you again
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Thank you. Yer I girl is a little piggy well was now this has gotten bad she isn't eating very much :( docs Friday and I hope to get things on the mend so to speak. :)
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If she was getting sand in her diaper I assumed she was in the sand pit a lot and wondered why they would let her be in it all ....knowing she does it, good luck hope its sorted out soon
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Hi,  pica is treated by physicians and psychologists.  They'll first do blood on her and look for any nutritional deficiencies.  Iron deficiency is one reason for pica as well as lack of zinc.  Easiest place to start and then they begin to work on the emotional aspect to it.  It can often resolve on its own in a few months but can also go on longer and need medical intervention.  If she is eating hair, this is of great concern as blockages of hair are quite dangerous in the gastrointestinal tract.  They'll be more aggressive if eating hair is involved.  But start with her primary care doctor and get referrels for the next step.  good luck
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