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my 6 year old son is showing signs of behavior problems???

my 6 yr old  son has been in counseling for almost a year after me and his dad split up.(dad and i have been split up for almost 3 years)he did not get to see him for about a year and a half after split up but he is finally seeing him with overnite visits fri-sat for about 8 months now.i have been a single mom ever since and he also has two siblings ,ages 12-sister and an 8 yr old-brother.i am concernd because he completely defies me ,tells me no! and talks back and argues with me like he is the adult. he will literally try to control me even though he is only 6. i know this might sound weird but lately or most times in the past few years ,anything that he makes at school,counseling or at home is always for his dad or someone else.for example he is in kindergarten and all the kids were making the plaster handprints for there moms or dads(parents) for christmas and the teacher even told me that the present in his backpack was for me ,so don't open til christmas.so we get it out of backpack and put it under tree and he says it is for a classmate and i had told him that oh i thought the teacher said these were for the parents and he says the teacher is lying that they are for friends or other people.i had asked him if it was for me would he rather give it to a friend or his mom and he said -his friend.so this is not the 1st time this kind of situation has happened .he never wants to give anything that he is making for me to me.???  i had also asked him if he said it was for a friend so that it would be a surprise to me and he yelled no!! am i being to selfish feeling like my child does not show affection towards me ?? or i felt hurt that he would not want to give any handmade gifts that were meant for me to me ?? is it because he gets away with more at dads or he does not get disaplined at dads like he does at home because he is only with dad 10% of the time?? im not sure what to feel ?? anyone out there had an exsperience like this and felt a little hurt??i know he loves me(hes only 6 ) but it is just weird to me at times and i feel a little confused about how i feel when he does things like this??? help   is this normal??

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