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my 9 year old daughter says "everyone hates her"

We changed her school for the past year and from the beginning she had trouble blending in as some of the girls whom she knew from before turned on her and told of the rest of the class not to play with her. The year went on and at the start of this term we found out that there was a girl who was physically and psychologically bulling her on daily basis, as she lost appetite and also her will to go to school or do any homework. I went on to talk to her teacher who after a week told me that he spoke to the whole class and later on to the girl in question who had admitted to him that she knew what she was doing... I asked him as to what he was going to do regarding this I was told that he intended to talk to the girls parents, but to me that's to little to late as the damage is already done.
As a parent who tried to prevent this kind of behavior we've sent our daughter to several activities outside school like: drama, singing, swimming, gymnastics and few other in order for her to build confidence, but now she feels shattered
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It's so difficult to see our kids struggle.

I can't tell the details of what's happened - you say you changed her school?  Is she now in a new school away from that girl?
no the whole thing is happening at the new school
What would you like to be done?  It sounds like the teacher is taking care of it,  and making progress,  and it seems likely the attitude in the classroom toward her will change soon.  Since you say this is "too little too late",  what do you envision as a solution?  In my opinion,  children who never experience isolation or social difficulties are left completely unprepared for life,  and can't navigate difficult social situations.  If this turns around,  your daughter will have learned to weather the storm,  and will have learned that if you speak up and work to solve problems you can get through them.  
I hope things are mich better now. But My Daughter went through the same thing almost word for word. Teacher's can only do so much and parents refuse to see what their child did has effected another child so deeply. Through out the entire time My Wife and I have made it a point to keep her busy after school. My Wife took her shopping everytime she went out. Getting out of the house is important. In time.she made new friends in another circle of girls. It felt like forever. Stayimg upvat night dealing with my anger at these kids. But I know they didn't know what they were really doing. At least I told myself. Hearing her come home laughing is such a great soind but it reminds me of her tears. I'd do anything for my Daughter. Even now the the tears in my eyes return wgen I write of this. Stay strong and keep her by your side and one day soon she'll  fimd her way. Ome great help to my Daughter was geting her into an after school activity. She now plays softball and has friends all over town. Find somethimg she likes to do but make sure the other girls are not involved.
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Did she have any of these problems in her old school - not wanting to do homework or go to school?  At 9 she should be in 4th grade?  Is this true and when is her birthday?
grade or age can help determine where a child usually is with social skills among other things. Really don't think anyone ment any harm here. Might wanna settle down a little?
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