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my grandson

my grandson is 3 years old he curses like a sailor mainly saying the f word.Yesterday he peed and pooped in the floor.He is very violent he broke his other grandmas nose by throwing things at her.We have tried soap, vinegar, spanking and time out.We are afraid he will hurt a child or one of us.His mom and dad are not together and him his mother and 10 year old brother live with us and we never use  curse words.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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At the very least he requires a systematic program of behavior management. See Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents and follow his instructions (see www.sosprograms.com). Also, his mother should arrange an evaluation with a pediatric menatl health clinician. Finally, soap, spanking, etc. are ill advised. Such tactics tend to cause an already angry child to become even more angry.
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Thank you so much for getting back to me we will do anything we have to in order to help him.
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