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my son has lots of promblems

my son is 6 years old we are in the middle of seeing diffrent people for his small but huge prob for me he was always a late starter with crawling walking etc he started school at 4 n half which he didnt pick up really in anything by next term he was then to repeat n they brought in school physcologists who then thought he needed to see a occupational theripist his pencil grip was poor his motor skills and at home i had a child who fall over bangs in to things etc memory short term awful while watching tv he gets so up set when it really is that scarey it can be a disney movie to a tv programme he will cry and say all way throu hes scared n get so anxiuos he is still using a blanket which he uses to sniff at bed time and after school and a dummy to which i can not get rid of we just got gentic tests back that say he has a duplicate of 5 q chromosome i am wondering if anyone can relate to this
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Hi there and welcome.  Well, your last statement threw me off.  If you've now had genetic testing and he has a chromosomal issue, that is something to explore and see how it relates.

I related to all else that you wrote with some thoughts.  My son has sensory integration disorder which is a developmental delay of the brain/nervous system.  It involves processing.  He had issues with pencil grip, attention, etc. as well.  We worked directly with an occupational therapist and I can not tell you how much it helped.

A few things though, Disney movies are actually scary.  Our peditrician is a bit anti Disney movies because mom or dad often die in them and they appear light to adults but affect a lot of kids that are sensitive or emotional in a negative way.  I will tell you that for my son with sensory issues, watching tv was something we did very sparingly.  He needed a lot of interaction as well as outside physical activity to help his nervous system function properly.  We went to parks every day and after school included.  We ran laps around the house, used the swings, climbed play sets, rolled down hills and ran back up, skipped, jumped, rode bikes, went swimming, etc.  All of these things improved his attention span and actually his fine and gross motor skills as it helped regulate his nervous system.  My son, however, still loves his comfort objects at the age of 9.

so, pick your battles.  not a big deal that your son loves a blankie.  And not a big deal that he doesn't really enjoy tv.  

You can work on age appropriate responses to things if it is the crying that bothers you.  He could use his words instead and say "I don't like this movie.  I don't want to watch tv."  

I'd work with the doc that has noted the chromosome defect as well as try to see an occupational therapist.  They can do SO much to help kids these days!!
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thanks for your reply we are currently in the waiting list to see a ot its around 6 months wait here for one but hoping she can shed light on sum stuff he has hypermobilty in his joint not sure what any of this means the more i google things the more i get wrong anwsers
the school physcologist reckons he needs a lot of learning support at school and he scored 12 percintile from the test he did but will re test once he begins primary 3 and if still low might need diffrent schooling i have only known about the chromosome disorder for a week but no further foward to finding out what that means but ob it is related to his problems i dont have an issue with him needing his comfort blanket or his dummy as i know he needs that if it is a sensory issue
we do not watch tv a lot in my home but on a friday we like to have a dvdv night this is mostly upsetting for him so will mabay put him to bed so me and my other child can watch a dvd !
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