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I have a wee girl morgan-louise, she is 5/6 now in primary 2, since she had been in school i have had probles since she started, will not do her work she she is asked, does  not want to sit  when  she ment to,  talking back to the teacher in front of the class, it all has to be morgans way or no-way at all, at home she is the same, i have two sons from my first marriage and they have been great, now with morgan things are just not the same, dont know what i am ment to do, i have sent her to bed when she misbehaviours, i also give her praise when i am ment to but its as if she does not care, i know this sounds daft but its really getting me down, i hate when she goes to school in caes she comes home with another letteer telling me what she has done today, i have been to school lots and lots and lots of time, they keep telling me that she will grow out of it but if that was the caes , then why does the school still write me letters letting me she has been bad or today morgan would not do her work today can you have a talk with her,

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It sounds like some over reaction on the Teachers part on writing letters they should be able to deal with it them selves and if she wont sit down at school its up to them,to sort it out..A lot of bright children want to have things their own way ,sounds very normal to me,does she have plenty to do if children get bored they act up, has the school ,and your selves at home, activities and Games and sports, does Dad get involved with her and get some physical Fun going very often they love to be active , does her school have any after school Gym or dancing clubs .
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