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one year old who has become extremely space!

My one year old have been staring off into space. It seems like it just started happening over night. She has been so far out a couple times that i literally had to pick her her up and wave in front of her eyes. She has only done that twice. But now shes just always spacey and not fully there. Before this started happening she was very alert and always smiling. She still smiles a lot but its very hard to get her attention. I have peopleing telling me they think its petit mal seizures and others say shes just tired. I dont know what to do.. should i take her to get sometests done??
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Hi. My lo is 18months old and occasionally does this staring into space, but only for a few secs and usually starts smiling after when we call her name to get her attention. However, my husband is a senior pediatrician and we both work with young people with seizures.. If your lo has no reaction at all during this time when u call her name etc. No eye contact. Some times they tend to do an repetitive behaviour like picking a piece of clothing or there eyes are fixed in one position. This may only last seconds. Id keep a diary of all these occasions u think she is spaceing out. There are so many different types of seizures. What happens before, during and after and how long for. As if u went to a doctor or specialist that would b helpful.most young children will space out and more then likely they just day dreaming. Anita :)
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Yes I would definitely get her check for seizures! She could be having what is called absent seizures which are the ones where a person would stare off into space. Take her to her pediatrician or family doctor and tell them how long she's been doing this for. Also keep track to see if she is running fevers or is sick with the flu or cold or just plain teething. See if any of this applies to her situation. Keep a journal of these issues. This will help you greatly to be able to tell the dr of what is happening to her. They may send her for a cat scan or an mri or both, also too they may want to have an eeg done if they think she is having seizures. If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask. I have an 11 yr old son who has been having seizures since he was 2 yrs old. Good luck and take care
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She needs to be seen by a neurologist. She probably needs an EEG.

Did she fall on her head? Or not?
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I totally atree with Ecologic.  She needs to be seen by a neurologist.  

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