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pervasive developmental disorders

My son Michael was diagnosised by a neurologist to have a disorder called Pervasive Developmental Disorder.
  His development seemed normal up to the age of about 2, when I noticed that he still didn't like loud noises, he hated getting messy like most boys loved, he speech stopped progressing, he still doesn't like to touch soft mushy things and will definitely not eat anything like mashed potatoes, or anything that feels wet or gooey in any way,shape or form.
  He had an EEG done that showed slowing in the left posterior quandrant which I am told is the speech and communication area of the brain. Michael is now 3 years old on october 17th, he is in school in an elp program (early intervention learning program) which is funded b the public school system.

after all that, my question is-

  Does it sound like PDD or was this diagnosis given because they didn't know what was wrong with him?

  And can you tell me exactly what is PDD?

  The first diagnosis given by his first Speech Therapy evaluation was hyperlexia.
I have to admit after getting on the net and reading all the signs and symptoms, that was rght on the money. Bt now I am not so sure. When he was 2 all he did was count, he didn't talk that much. But now he he identifies almost anything and if he can't identify something, he has actually asked me "what this"  Which surprised the hell out me the first time.

  I am rather frustrated at times, because all I really ant is my little boy to be able to tell me what is bothering, what he wants and where it hurts. Which he will not do any of the following. I feel I am doing all that I can, but of course if there is anything at all you can recommend, please,please do. He is my first and my only and means everything in the world to me. You may have noticed after reading all of this. Please excuse andspelling or grammar errors, a typist I am not.

Thank You so much, Denise
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Dear Denise,

The diagnosis sounds like a reasonable one, though there are many manifestations and degrees of severity of Pervasive Developmental Disorders. Basically, PDD represents a cluster of emotional conditions with origins in childhood. They are characterized by impairments in communication and in social relationships, and by stereotyped behavior patterns. It is not unusual for children who display one of the Pervasive Developmental Disorders to also display learning disabilities or sensory integration problems. Some forms of the disorder are not particularly debilitating, with children striking others as eccentric or odd, while other forms can pose major problems. With a diagnosis like this, it makes sense to seek a second opinion.

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Your child could have PDD.  He sounds like he also has sensory integration difficulties (which many children with PDD have- also many children without PDD have sensory integration issues).  Is your child receiving occupational therapy?  I would see an OT who has experience dealing with Sensory integraation issues.  A great book is called "the out of Sync Child"- I ordered from Amazon.com.
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