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precosious purberty

My daugher went thru peperty at8 and mentration and everything. real fast pull ups to pads. I had her cheaked at the Dr a couple weeks ago they did a bone measurement and she is the size of a 15 year old in her bones she grew so fast they think she will not be any taller than 5 foot They say its to late for the shots that stop this problem becouse she is full blown perburty stage. She is 10 now. Do you think she will get any taller or is thier an answer for this. Or a specilist I can take her to. She was a large child form birth and she is 152 pounds and 4 10 she is solid she does not look blybery and fat she has larg breast. well i dont know if you can help but thanks for . Reading this any how Thank you
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I'm sorry I cannot address your question - it is not within my area of expertise. Perhaps it would be helpful, through your daughter's pediatrician, to arrange a consultation with an endocrinologist.
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