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questions about autism (autism spectrum disorder)

My son has been having a lot of issues at school.  He is five and in kindergarten (I've posted before).  Anyway, he is really struggling with teh reading adn getting very frustrated at school. He has gotten aggressive with other kids at school too.  the aggression toward others is NEW.  he has been having trouble staying his seat, etc.  Also sometimes during class he will make noises and will nto stop when the teacher asks.  One day he went out of the classroom and opened the door where they keep the fire extinguisher, when you open that door, the glass smashes.

Anyway, yesterday he had a playdate with a  boy who has a mild form of autism, they really played together well nad he said he had speech delays like him.  My son did not learn to talk until after 3 years of age.  Also, he said he liked htis boy better than others at his school.  I remember in preschool he really liked this autistic child there nad he would hug her and they played SO well together.  Maybe it is just coincidental, but made me wonder could my son's issues be autism on a mild level.  

It has gotten so bad at school taht on Monday he will have 1:1 teaching in a room by himself.  he jsut cannot seem to operate in the classroom at this time.  He does not like the teacher adn that does not help.

he is in karate and does well in that and listens to me most of the time.  He has his moments.  Sometimes he has meltdowns where he starts moaning/groaning and then he gets to where he cannot  stand up. It's like he cannot gain compusure.  He also has low frustration toleration too.

I took him to his pediatrician, he wasn't sure if he had ADD/ADHD ?  He said it could be possible.  Also he has had a hard year, we went thru a divorce that was final in Aug 09, he has had multiple childcare providers,  his dad is in jail now for probation violate, dad is alcoholic. Dad got out briefly in Dec, but ended back in jail shortly thereafter.  Also in Nov, while dad was in jail, I helped cleaned out his apartment as his lease was coming to an end.  I wonder if those events could have impacted him some.  

It's hard to know anymore.  But do you think I'm totally off my rocker to think this?  
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I like you have wondered for years could my son have this...could he have that..maybe it is this...why is my son's closet friend at school a child who is in Special Ed...I really dont think we will get the answer guessing.

I know that we are now saving up to have my son evaluated at this place called TLC learning center. They do a full evaluation...a team of about 7 professionals...and are able to shed some light...sometimes give diagnosis (if they find one)...etc

Maybe this is the route you need to take.
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how do I find a place such as this and what does it cost?  Have you ever heard of a Developmental pediatrician?   I read they diagnose it.
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