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shirt sucking

my son is 6 yrs old and since he was 4 ys old he has been sucking on his shirts sleeves and the collar area and i have no clue what to do he will be starting first grade and he did this alot in kindergarden what shoould i do?

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Do nothing would be my advice. He will grow out of it-although probably not for a few years! Annoying though it is and it probably ruins his clothes after a while, it is a harmless habit which soothes him just like sucking his thumb or carrying round a security blanket would. My son used to do this too. The collars of his t-shirts were always damp, his cuffs stretched and chewed....and there was the corner of his duvet cover which was always scrunched, twisted and damp!! Obviously helped him relax to sleep to be sucking on it! I just ignored it. Somewhere around age 14 it stopped, along with his fingernail nibbling. I always thought it was my fault for parting him from his soother too soon as a baby! He is 18 now and has grown up to be a clever and happy young man so no harm came of it.
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This is a behaviour common to children suffering from anxiety - as is fingernail biting.  Does he have any other behaviours which could be caused by anxiety?
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he also a very hyper active boy dries me crazy
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Actually, hyper behaviours which mimic ADHD can also be signs of anxiety (as well as inattentiveness which mimics ADD).  Also, what about sleeping, eating, toileting, sensitivity to environment, depression,  and social issues as well as frequent tantrums and prone to frustrations.  These, too, are behaviours common to anxiety.
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hi, my 7 year old also ***** all his clothes, its a nightmare when they all look like they have been chewed by a mad hamster!!!
i try to ignore it but its not easy!! i do agree though, he will grow out of it eventually!!! my son does it for comfort, usually when he is staring at the tv? its a non consious thing!!!
good luck
Sarah x
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My son has a developmental delay, and even scored in the more milder side of the autistic spectrum.  It is a soothing sensory issue.  My Dr. suggested a gum that is good for your teeth.
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