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six year old sexual urges

My six year old daughter seems to be a very well adjusted little girl.  She does well at school.  Her teacher finds her very helpful and well behaved.  Most of the time at home she is well behaved and keeps very busy.  She is on a basketball team, gets along well with her younger brother, etc.  I have caught her several times masturbating.  She will lay on the couch on her belly and put her hands under her and rub back and forth.  It's easy to catch because her cheeks flush bright red and she sweats.  I have spoken to her about it and she often tells me it feels good and she doesn't want to stop.  

Today she had a friend from school over.  I found her straddling him and giving him a kiss on the lips that looked rather intense.  I told her to leave him alone and she said no because it felt good.

I am really concerned about how to deal with this.  I realize discovering your body, etc. is normal but she seems on overdrive and I don't know how to curb it without making her feel embarassed. I didn't think children her age would have these issues.  She does know these behaviors are wrong as she will stop them when my husband or I walk into the room.

She has pretty good self esteem and I do not want to ruin that.

Any help would be appreciated.
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The first example, when she was masturbating, is normal and all you need to do is instruct her to do this alone in a private area, such as her room. The second example is different. Set a firm limit on the behavior it is not allowed, plain and simple. Be sure to supervide her when she is with peers to be sure there is not a repeat of this. It would be wise to have a chat with her about her behavior with the boy. You'll want to learn how this occurred to her, to see if there was any experience about which you should know.
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Thank you.  I had a talk with her.  She claims she sees princesses and princes kissing in the  movies she watches and she wanted to try it.  We had a long talk about her age and the age of those princesses and I think she understands that behavior is not something she is really ready for.

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