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sleep issue - 9 year old

Recently my 9 year old daughter began having sleep issues. She doesn't want me to leave her room and cries when I do if she's not asleep.  We were doing really well but recently had a relapse! The problem stems from a classroom discussion of poetry and death!!  
My daughters' Great Grandmother passed away this Dec. and the class discussion occured in January.
My daughter's grades are excellent. She is super cheerful, positive and bright...except for this one small issue at night time.  She seems sad and unable to get control of her tears....it all comes back to the class discussion and the passing of our loved one.
Could you suggest how I can help her?  She is a fantastic child and I'd love for her to get over this hurdle.
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This type of anxiety disorder after the death of a loved one is pretty common in childhood. It is important to maintain the usual ritual or routine and not start new habits of sleeping (such a sleeping with parents). To help her elax at bedtime she can listen to a guided imagery or story relaxation downloaded onto a CD or MP3 player. There are many of these available. One example is McGruder-Johnson's Sleepboost'r Guided Relaxation Story.
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