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son crying

My 5 year old son just started KG on Monday, and each morning he cries when he gets off the bus, walking down the hallway to his room.  Once inside he is fine and enjoys the day.  Today he cried on the bus ride in and walking the hallway down to his room.  Again once inside his room he is OK.  I know its new, scary, etc for him, he even asked me who not to cry cause he does not want too.  I told him to take a very deep breath and that would calm him down for awhile. He said he tried it this morning, but did not work.  Any ideas or suggestions to help make my little guy feel better.  He does not cry in the morning, while I drive him to daycare, nor does he cry at night.  He said he just cries getting to class.  This is his 4th day of doing this and I want to help him understand that first it is OK to cry, but second, to help him get through it without crying each morning, i fear kids may then start to make fun.  I do know they are all small kids, and I am sure each of them, as well, are scared and holding back tears too.   Thanks
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The fact that he does not cry once he is in the classroom and is functioning normal in school, I would not worry! Kindergarten is very overwhelming to a 5 year old. I feel that in time he will get used to it. I think its perfectly fine to cry and show his emotions, it is much better then him keeping them bottled up. I would not worry about other making fun of him. My middle child started kindergarten as well this year and I have been there the first week to help transtion the kids. There are a few kids that cry, however everyone else seems oblvious to whats going on. I feel they all are alittle skeptical about kindergarten and its a huge step for them. Good luck!
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Is there a way that maybe he could sit by the bus driver ont he bus like the seat behind so he could talk to him and help himfrom crying--it may keep his mond off the bus ride--or can he sit with a friend onthe bus--that way the time will fly by while on the bus and he may not feel so anxious/scared about going.  He will get to class without realizing how the time went...
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That seems like a lot of transitions - does he go to Daycare in the morning,  and then gets bused to kindergarten,  then goes back to daycare?  I think you should expect a longer adjustment period than if he were coming from home and then going back home.  That's a lot of separating he's doing.

If he's walking down the hall,  kind of fighting back tears in the morning,  I don't think he's going to be made fun of.  It's the kids who bawl loudly and scream who get made fun of,  probably lots of the kids don't even notice he's crying.

As the others said,  if he is fine once he gets into the room,  he'll learn to do this transition.  

Kudos to him for trying not to cry,  and trying to be a big boy.  He sounds very mature for his age.
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thank you for your responses.   my son has been going to daycare since he has been 8 weeks old, and his 2 nieces, (one  is in 1st grade the other in 4th) get on the same bus, same time.  The are assigned to seats and I know he sits with another boy from his daycare.  I am hoping it is just new and he is like I was and still am, nervous to take on new tasks.  I sure hope he does overcome it.  I am just glad he likes school and has no problems in his class.  I jsut wish he could overcome the nervousness.  Thanks for your responses. and I will keep you posted if next week is better:)
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Are you albe to be involved in his school during the day? You said he goes to daycare, so I assume you work. Many companies are now offering family involvement time, similar to vacation days, and will allow you paid time off of work to be involved with your children once in a while at daytime functions. If this is a possability for you, it may help him to actually see you in the school, even if it is not in his class. And the schools where I live are elated when a parent offers to volunteer in the school. (There are background and criminal checks required for the childrens safety, thankfully) School hallways are huge and imposing to a kindergartener. Not to mention most of the kids at school are bigger and louder than they are.
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