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staburn baby

my doughter turning 2 years old this feb, 26,2009, her attitude cahnge and beoming a staburn, avery time if she can't get what she want she cry a lot a throwing things and she's not friendly, why is my daughter become staburn?
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A toddlers job is to challenge their parent.  The parents job is to set limits.  She is challenging you to see what will happen.  Sounds like she is a normal 2 year old.  Children need to express themselves.  If a child acts out at home, it tells me that the child feels comfortable enough in their surroundings to be able to act out and show frustration or relieve stress.  Temper tantrums are a good thing and normal child behavior.  The parent must remain calm and in control.  Never bring yourself down to the childs level and never argue with children.  Enjoy your 2 year old and make sure to take lots of pictures.  They grow up too fast!
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Although this behavior is normal in a two year old - it does not mean you can't try to shape it in a positive way.  You won't feel like taking those photos if you are stressed out or fed up by her behavior.  It is not too early to work with her on her tantrums.  There are a number of things you could try but this one worked well for my boys.  Tell her - when you are finished (with her tantrum) then we can get back to the fun stuff we do. Try to catch the moment she stops and reward her with a smile or hug or activity of some kind.  The smaller the better so she does not come to expect huge rewards.  It is very hard to back away from huge rewards once you start them !  Hope this helps.
All the best.
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