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symptoms of adhd

I am a single mother in the military and this year my daughter who is 5 started school with grandma.  I recently had a phone conference with the teacher because of my daughters behavior in all of her classes..The teacher stated that she is beyond a kindtergarten level but does not want to move her up a grade because she is running around her classed like a three year old.  She cannot sit still, she disrupts other children, and when they are sitting on the floor for story time she is flipping back and fourth on her belly, poking the child next to her or just beng loud.  I dont know if this is due because her and I are currently seperarated because I am deployed or she has some behavior issues.  So my question is do I just start with the pediatrician and they can screen her possibly for adhd or do i start with a behavior therapiet for the te being and then when I do come home do I need to get counseling for the both of us together.  The teacher was saying because of her behaviour is is going to start to have an effect on her learning and I would like to get this under control before it turns bad.  
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This behavior may reflect the sort of hyperactivity that is typicalof students who display ADHD, so an evaluation would be prudent. The evaluation is best conducted by a pediatric behavioral health clinician, but starting with the pediatrician is fine.
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