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timeout issue

I have recently started using time out (standing in the corner) for a my 4 yr olds punishment. It started ok, but now he throws a fit and screams and hollers at the top of his lungs every time he gets put in the corner and what should have been a 2 min time out turns into a 45 min ordeal. I know that he does not want to face the wall ( as this is one of the things he screams), so since I know this is going to be an issue should I stop it before it starts and just have him sit in the chair off to the side of the room and not have him face the wall? Any advice on this would be great.
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Time out is not meant to be punishment,  like standing and facing the wall.  Time out is meant to remove the child from a situation where he is misbehaving,  and make him sit there bored for a bit until he calms down.  

You need a little egg timer thing.  Tell him when he is NOT misbehaving that you've decided to try a different thing in timeout, and  when is misbehaving he'll have to go over here in this corner and sit in this little chair facing out.  When he is seated quietly in the corner you will turn the timer on and he can watch the two minutes tick away.  But the timer won't start until he's quiet and seated.  And if he throws a tantrum during that time,  the timer starts all over again.  Visuals are great and help him to focus.
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   Perfect advice by rockrose.  
A good book which goes into timeouts in detail is - "SOS Help for Parents," by Lynn Clark.
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hmmmmm....if this were me, i would try a new approach. maybe start taking away his rewards. tv time, video games, earlier bed time...... i think the more attention you give him during his "time out" the more he is going to react to you. Maybe he acts this way because it disrupts the family routine, and he gets attention from you or someone else. Tell hiim if he wants to scream and yell, he can do it in another room since he is a big boy and that is not big boy behavior.
reward his good behavior. end of day without tantrums and time outs get a sticker. so many stickers = a reward of your choosing. (special time with mom, a trip for ice cream)
hope i was able to help a little.
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Well my son is 5 and he does the same thing sometimes. Sometimes his 5 min time out end up to last an hour. I've been doing it for a while now. Time has made it better. I'd say give it sometime first, then if it's still an issue just put him somewhere, where he can't see TV or talk to anyone, or play with anything. Maybe make hm put his head down or something.
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I also use a chair for him to sit in. And he can;t move or talk until I say so.
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