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upper lip stitches

my three year old daughter was playing in an indoor playground and she was jumping in a jumper. i couldnt see her from where i was sitting . shame on me. there were only two more kids with parents in the place anyway. when i saw one of the parents holding my daughter and bringing her out, i ran! saw that she has a napkin on her mouth and bleeding all over her face. shes three years old. she was crying. i removed the napkin and saw that she had a bad cut on her upper lip. i took her to the hospital and they said stitches.
they wrapper her in sheets incase she moves. she was quiet, and didnt move one bit. i was making jokes to make her feel better. calling her a sandwiched burrito. then they put a big cloth over her face with a hole on it just to see her mouth. they gave her bunch of shots in the open wound to numb it. she still was being brave. i know it hurt but she is too shy to yell. and she was trying to be a "good girl". three stiches. the last stich was hurting her because while they were putting it through her lips, she kept wining with her mouth shut . for her to that , it means she was in pain but too shy to yell. so they gave her more shots. then it was done and i took her straight to toys r us.
my question is
the doctor asked me if i want to wait for a plastic surgeon to do this because he specializes . if i was worried about scarring. but i had to wait for him for three hours. but it was so small that i didnt . they said she'll heal fine but because its over the lip line, it will be slightly visible. now, i am worried about how to take care of her with this.
i know i will put peroxide on it once in a while to clean it and put neosporin. and some lady suggested scar no more and said its a good product. they also said to keep sunblock on it for a year to minimize scarrine. my daughter sucks her thumb at night too. now its 1am, i have given her motrin . i just checked up on her cause she was whining. her lip is very swollen. when should  i be concerned and what should i be looking for ?  i have to remove the stitches in five days. i am addign a picture but it says 24 hours to review so i dont know if you all can see it yet, but please come back to check on it.
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You will likely be pleasantly surprised by how well it heals and how good it looks when all is said and done.  My son had an accident with a pogo stick a few years ago--it popped up unexpectedly (after being stuck in the down position for a couple of seconds) and hit him in the face--split open the bridge of his nose and his eyelid.  He had stitches in both places.  It looked awful.  And he's really fair so I thought it would likely scar, but you can't see the one on his nose at all and you have to really look hard, with his eye closed, to see the faint one on his eyelid.

I don't remember using peroxide. What did they tell you to do at the hospital?  Can you call and ask them to ask the plastic surgeon how to care for it to minimize scarring?

I do remember that they said to use sunscreen every day no matter what for at least a year (you should always do that anyway, though).
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How long ago did this happen?  My daughter had to get stitches yesterday in the same area of her lip.  I'm wondering how long it will take to heal.  She is six and worried about the wedding she is to be in this weekend.

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