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what is wrong with my child?

my son is 5 years old he punches himself in the face,rocks back and forth before bed and some other odd behaviors i have got him checked for autism but the doctors i have brought him to all said they do not think he has it! i dont understand whats wrong things are getting worse his behavior is getting so bad i cant take him out in public most of the time he seems like he no longer understands the concept of right and wrong anymore and he breaks everything he touches refuses to listen and seems to have no respect i dont know what to do i need help im afarid to send him to school in september that he will act this way there and no one seems to be able to tell me what is wrong with him can anyone help?
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What has the doctor suggested is causing these behaviors?   Did he act like this in front of the doctor?

I think you need a much more thorough screening than a quick pediatric appointment if that's what this was.

Call your school for a list of local Occupational Therapists and get him tested - the test should be several hours long and involve some sitting cognitive tasks and some physical tasks.

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Sound advice.
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